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Incorporating in Nevada

ATC/SLN Media is your one-stop source for all your business incorporation needs. Our experienced team of legal specialists can provide personalized advice to ensure that you make wise legal decisions that will benefit your business . Contact us today for personalized service and innovative corporate solutions.

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C Corporations

On average, C corporations pay less in tax than an individual. It’s also the only tax table where the tax rate drops when you start making millions. That's why every Fortune 500 company is a C corporation.

Additionally, there are no limitations on shareholders. They can live anywhere in the world and be of any entity. Even better, C corps boast fewer criteria than S corps giving you the options you need to meet your objectives.

The main disadvantage of this structure is that it pays tax on its earnings and the shareholders’ dividends. This means a double tax on your corporation’s earnings.



  • Unlimited Number of Shareholders

  • Fewer Criteria

  • Lower Maximum Tax Rate

  • More Options for Raising Capital


  • Corporation’s Earning Taxed Twice

Limited Liability Corporations

Starting an LLC varies by state as they have different requirements, but there are general things you must do.

First and foremost, owners and members must agree on a name for their company. Afterward, articles of organization must be documented and filed with the state. These legal papers indicate the obligations of each member of the LLC, such as their rights, powers, duties, and liabilities.

The documents also include the names and addresses of your LLC’s members, your business’s registered agent, and a statement of purpose. You must pay a fee directly to the state and submit it at a federal level upon filing the paperwork. Doing so gives you an employer identification number or EIN.


  • Asset Protection

  • Tax Advantages

  • Ability to Raise Capital

  • Easy to Run


  • Only available to privately owned companies

  • Can lose pass - through tax treatment

  • Possible state imposed income tax

S Corporations

From tax advantages to flexibility, forming an S corp has many benefits. One such benefit is pass-through taxation. This allows owners to avoid the double tax of C corps making it a popular choice for small business owners.

Both S and C corps allow for limited liability of the owners, officers, and directors but while C corps have no limitations on shareholders, S corps cap the number of shareholders at 75.



  • Allows for limited liability of the owners/officers/directors

  • Typically runs on a calendar year

  • Full disclosure of corporate owners

  • Pass-through taxation

  • Profits taxed even if not distributed


  • Limited number of shareholders

  • Shareholder restrictions

  • Stricter criteria

Why Us ?

At ATC/SLN Media, we are passionate about providing the best possible service to our clients. Our experienced professionals are well-versed in the process of corporation formation and can provide you with the information and guidance needed to make the best decision for your business. We are committed to making sure your incorporation is efficient and stress-free.

Why Nevada ?

Each state writes its own unique statutes regarding corporate structuring, operational requirements, legal protection (such as the corporate veil), and personal privacy protection? This is the reason  Nevada is know as the pro-business state – it has the most business-friendly incorporation statutes in the nation.

Why Nevada is Unique?

  • Nevada has some of the strongest asset protection laws in the country that protect business owners and their personal assets.

  • When you form a Nevada entity, you’ll enjoy numerous tax advantages such as: NO franchise taxes, NO tax on corporate shares and NO personal income tax.

  • There is no minimum capital requirement to incorporate in Nevada.

  • Nevada requires only minimal disclosure of personal information at the time of start-up and at the time of annual filings.

  • Directors and officers need not live in Nevada, hold meetings in Nevada or be a Nevada resident. You can be anywhere and still form a Nevada LLC or Corporation!

Strong Corporate Veil

In Nevada, the corporate veil may be pierced only if the owner of company has committed deliberate misleading non legal acts. This veil can be pierced easily in other states for reasons such as:

  • Utah: Commingling of personal and business funds

  • Connecticut: Failure to keep minutes of corporate meetings

  • Texas: Improper documentation of loans between the company and shareholders

  • Missouri: Court ruling that a business owner (not the company) benefited from business losses

Asset Protection

If you're in business and have assets over $50,000, make sure to protect yourself by incorporating in Nevada because:

  • One in every four small businesses has been sued or threatened with a lawsuit in the past five years

  • There is one lawsuit filed every 2.08 seconds – the equivalent of the blink of an eye

  • One lawsuit can damage or destroy your livelihood, forcing you to close your doors

More Reasons to Incorporate in Nevada

No Minimum Capital Requirements

A Nevada LLC or corporation can be organized with little capital, if desired. Many states require that an LLC or corporation have at least $1,000 in capital.

One Person Requirement

One person can hold the offices of President, Secretary, Treasurer, and be the sole Director. Many states require at least 3 officers and/or directors. Thus, there is no need to bring other persons into a Nevada corporation .

No Need For LLCs To File An Asset List

The names of business owners and board members are excluded from public record, Nevada LLCs are not required to file an asset list. This protects business owners and members from being tied to lawsuits—the other protects your assets.

No Need To Come To Nevada

An entity can be formed by mail, fax, or phone and the person incorporating in Nevada never has to visit the state – even to conduct annual meetings. Meetings can be held anywhere in the world.

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